If you ain't first you last.

Main outdoor sport: NASCAR

Favorite outdoor area: Talledega

Reviews (8)

  • High Tor Gear X

    "Here's the deal (he's) the best there is. Plain and simple." But really, this was a great experience. So happy to have your business Ricky! Happy trails!

    High Tor Gear XMarch 2021

  • Requipper

    Ricky was great!

    RequipperNovember 2020

  • G$

    Great communication off the track. Keep on going fast and turning left Ricky B!

    G$August 2020

  • Carly W

    All went well. Enjoy the watch!

    Carly WAugust 2020

  • Collier S

    Easy transaction. Thanks for buying!

    Collier SJune 2020

  • UJ

    Great! Happy to have received a wonderful ice axe!

    Ursula JJune 2020

  • The Gear Room SLC

    Ricky rocks! Enjoy the tent.

    The Gear Room SLCOctober 2020

  • The Splitboard Shop

    Great customer, thanks for the business!

    The Splitboard ShopOctober 2020