Nidecker Sensor Snowboard Size 150M
Nidecker Sensor Snowboard Size 150M
Nidecker Sensor Snowboard Size 150M
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# ~~$530~~ $226 FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the US! The Sensor is designed specifically for the new generation of riders who want to throw down flat tricks with style and make it look easy​,​ no matter where they may be. We’ve developed the special SIDE KICK TECH to give additional lift under the contact points and allow the board to spin off the nose and tail as easily as possible to perform tricks in the flats. It also features: our Premium Sandwich construction made with advanced materials like Carbon and Kev¬lar® for added durability and improved shock absorption; our Freestyle Camrock three-phase camber construction with more rocker in the nose and tail and flat between the bindings; our extra strong​,​ responsive and lightweight Master Core​,​ built with different wood types and densities for a su-perior weight-to-performance-to power ratio; and our extremely tough​,​ sintered N7000 base. []( SBID: 2P2032

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Aug 18, 2020