Nidecker Princess Snowboard Size 151M
Nidecker Princess Snowboard Size 151M
Nidecker Princess Snowboard Size 151M
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# ~~$600~~ $258 FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the US! The Princess is the ultimate all around freeride board for women who want to carve up everything the mountain throws at them: backcountry powder​,​ hard pack​,​ and mogul fields. It will even handle cliff drops and kickers if you ask it nicely. The Princess is part of the R8 Sidecut Series for outstanding​,​ everyday performance. It also features: our innovative N-Tech construction​,​ combined with our Freeflex 3.0 in the nose to absorb unwanted vibrations; full positive camber between the contact points; our lightest core​,​ a combination of 3 different woods for optimum lightness​,​ pop​,​ responsiveness and durability; and the N 9000​,​ our fastest​,​ most durable base​,​ produced with carbon nanoparticles. []( SBID: 2P203J

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Aug 18, 2020