Nidecker Odyssey Snowboard Size 151M
Nidecker Odyssey Snowboard Size 151M
Nidecker Odyssey Snowboard Size 151M
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# ~~$480~~ $204 FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the US! This new board for 2019 isn’t one you’d expect to see in a traditional women’s line. But​,​ why shouldn’t ladies who love surfing be able to find those same surf sensations on the snow? Thanks to the Odyssey​,​ now they can. Just like the Mellow for the men​,​ the Odyssey is designed for mellow​,​ laid back freeriding​,​ and just oozes cool as it links smooth​,​ surf style turns in powder​,​ on groomed runs or through end of season slush. It totally blurs the line between the sensations you get from gliding along a wave​,​ or sliding down a mountain. The full veneer wood top sheet made from pure ash helps absorb unwanted vibrations​,​ makes the board more responsive and gives it extra pop. []( SBID: 2P203L

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Aug 18, 2020