Faction Candide 2.0  Skis
Faction Candide 2.0  Skis
Faction Candide 2.0 Skis
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The Gear Room SLC
The Gear Room SLC
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FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the US! The perfect ski for the freestyle-oriented skier coming out of the park who wants to mix it up on the upper mountain and start using some of those hard-learned tricks out in the general admission playground​,​ the Faction Candide 2.0 Skis sport a 102 mm waist for the utmost in versatility and full twin rocker for confident switch maneuvers. ##Available Sizes Let us know what size you want when you purchase! - 158cm [ID: 1TS004] - 178cm [ID: 1TS007] - 188cm [ID: 1TS003]

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Oct 14, 2020